This year we’re a proud sponsor of The Creative Shootout 2020. We appreciate the importance of creativity in business, and in particular in the recruitment industry. Recruitment isn’t just a transaction.

People often think of recruitment as a very transactional industry, with a recruiter keeping a bunch of candidates on standby to just hand over to any company looking to fill a role, without much more thought. But actually, it’s much more than that…well, it is for us at Ruby Magpie, anyway.

The truth is, as a recruitment agency you are representing a huge pool of clients, and then on the other side, you’re representing a wide range of candidates. The industry can be competitive and the candidates can already be in demand. You have to find ways to stand out. But how? 

This is where creativity comes into it. When you’re looking to attract candidates to a role, you have to think outside the box. Even if you know the company you’re representing has it all – the culture, the environment, the benefits, the people – how do you cut through the noise and convey this to potential candidates? You have to get creative.

When we approach new candidates, we like to tell a story. It’s never just a job that we’re recruiting for; it’s an experience. The job isn’t just the things you’ll do but the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll go, the challenges you’ll overcome.

We like to paint a picture of the full 360. Most companies don’t just pop into existence and start looking for new candidates. Every company has its own unique history, how it started and how it got to where it is, and this history plays a huge role into the workplace it has become today. This history builds its values, its environment, its challenges, its ambitions. We tell this story to candidates before we even tell them what the role we’re hiring for is, and we’ve found it’s a very effective way to hook them in.

It works the other way, too. When we’re presenting a candidate to our clients, we don’t just give them a name on a page. We give them dimension and depth, telling the candidate’s story. Who are they, beyond just what you can put on a CV? We help to fill in the gaps and show our candidates as people, not just candidates. That way, our client will know not only if they have the core skills and work experience necessary for the role, but also if they’ll be a good culture fit and, crucially, if they’ll get enough out of the role, as well as give enough to it.

Every company and every candidate has a story. We help them tell it.

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