Creative Shootout – Powered by OnePoll

By Asa Baaw, Commercial Director, OnePoll.

There are over 120 content delivery channels that modern businesses have to manage today spanning across digital and traditional media – and it seems that new ones are emerging all the time.

More media channels mean more advertising, and the average adult is hit by over 5,000 branding messages every day. With adverts on the tube, near-on constant wifi connection, it’s beginning to feel like we’re creeping towards Black Mirror-style invasive advertising – most of which we ignore anyway.

The information superhighway of the 90’s now operates at the speed of light. As consumers of information we expect fresh, engaging content to be constantly available, delivered to us on a per-second basis. We keep scrolling, refreshing and checking – news becomes ‘old news’ before we’ve reached the bottom of a page.

With so much information available to us, it’s more vital than ever to make sure your message contains information that is useful and workable for your brand and your audiences.

OnePoll is perfectly placed in this demanding and evolving media landscape. We been delivering human insight and data analysis to strengthen communications across a variety of sectors for over a decade. Our statistics have powered over 100,000 headlines across the media, with our most recent survey for Twirlywoos travelling across the pond and inspiring a great Will Ferrell dad dancing moment on Good Morning America.

Another recent survey on mental health in the workplace made headlines in 21 national publications for #WorldMentalHealthDay2017. Our survey results powered quality news articles which achieved over 1.86 million circulation views across the UK.

We aren’t limited on who we can reach – our in-house panel is extensively profiled, allowing for highly efficient targeting and segmentation into demographic groups. Even highly niche studies and statistics can be achieved with maximum efficiency.

That’s why OnePoll is teaming up with the Creative Shootout 2018. Founded by Launch CEO Johnny Pitt, the event challenges eight finalists to deliver an award-winning campaign concept in just four hours. How better to test the industry’s genuine creative talents than by putting them under pressure?

At the event on Thursday 25th of January 2018, OnePoll will be on-hand to provide workable and insightful statistics and research insights for the eight finalists, who will compete to win £250,000 in media spend and £30,000 in fees to launch a campaign for the UK’s largest anti-food waste charity, FareShare.

It may be a crowded, noisy marketing and advertising field, but people are still hungry for engaging and shareable content. At OnePoll, we know that fast, flexible and robust research can power research that helps your message stand out.

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