Understanding – and influencing – the influencers

By Joanna Arnold, CEO, Vuelio.

The earliest roots of Vuelio can be found in a Victorian gentleman knocking on artists’ doors with newspaper reviews of their work. Flash forward a century or so and Vuelio is now a comprehensive one-platform solution for all communications and public affairs professionals.

Vuelio is known for its influencer relations, from the world-famous blog rankings to the Vuelio Awards – ‘the Oscars of the blogging world’. And we also publish a range of surveys and reports with unique insight into all types of influencers and their relationships with PR and brands.

The Vuelio Influencer Database lists thousands of both new and traditional influencers from newspaper editors and politicians to the hottest Instagram stars.

Our in-house research team spend hundreds of hours identifying these influencers, understanding how they work and discussing what topics they like to cover. We create profiles and write biographies so our clients know the best ways to engage with each influencer on an individual level.

Good influencer outreach is about identifying the people that can reach your audience and getting to know them, inside out.

We used this in-house expertise for the Creative Shootout, creating a bespoke canvas and providing a dedicated ‘Influencer Hotline’. Our unique intelligence service was just a phone call away for all the finalists when they planned their pitches.

Whether it’s identifying the influencers that can unlock campaign success or revealing which social platforms are best for engagement, our team was on hand for all the finalists’ influencer needs.

And when the finalists needed to know anything about media outreach, monitoring or analysis – well we helped with that too. In fact, Vuelio prides itself on its diverse offering and is always happy to help people looking to engage their audience, whether it’s the public, media or government. Our integrated software can help you build and maintain relationships with, quite literally, anyone.