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AWARDS SPONSOR POST: Presents, Presentations and A Plastic Planet by JFL Recruit

Ros Kindersley – Executive Chairman at JFL Recruit tells us what she’s looking forward to at the Creative Shootout Awards:

So, January.  After two weeks of turkey and tinsel most of us were looking forward to coming back to work.  The Creative Shootout Awards sounds just the ticket.

Present giving is over and we won’t be asked ‘What would you like for Christmas?’ for another year.  You have a choice of either selecting an item from your shopping list of potential gifts, or asking for a gift surprise.  You wonder whether it might be a scented candle.

One year I was given five copies of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Yes, I had enjoyed reading it very much.  In fact, I had read it when it started as a diary column in The Independent. But I am known as someone who likes reading, so when my nearest and dearest give me a present, it is likely to be a book.  This year it was Sally Rooney’s much heralded Normal People. I’m not complaining, I find it rather wonderful, like living in a bookshop or a library.

I often wonder what it must be like for a sommelier to be given a bottle of wine, with the comment as an expert that you ‘obviously must like it.’ Or what about an historian?  Would you like Simon Schama’s latest? The question is for an expert in any field, why are you going to want more of the same?

As a child the most unexpected Christmas present was a ‘cello.  I hadn’t known I wanted one, but immediately recognised that my father had considered me musical and potentially talented.  (I’m not, it transpired).  He had been thinking creatively, and I was flattered, but we can’t all be like the Elton John of the John Lewis ad.

Let’s consider what it might be like to be a potential client, or any audience receiving a pitch.  You respect their insight into your company but don’t want to be told who you are,  you want something new.

A Plastic Planet will be looking for an element of surprise, proof of creative thinking.  I will always remember the birthday when I was given  two tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet’s Don Quixote at the Royal Opera House.

This year I received a bottle of honey.  I was given it by a friend who had learned about bee keeping and making honey.  The life of bees is fascinating, with a whole society of their own, with the Queen Bee and her thousands of workers collecting pollen.  By collecting pollen from an area in Lambeth, which includes various gardens, parks and allotments, the honey tastes unique.  The label on the bottle is painted and printed by a local artist.  It tells a story.

And this is what we are waiting  for on 24th January – the Creative Shootout Awards – when we are seated with A Plastic Planet in front of the stage at BAFTA, the insight, the story and the surprise.


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