The Circle of Live Creativity

By Tom Eatenton, Founder and CEO of Kru Live.

When I started in the world of live events more than 20 years ago the creative process was linear from the top-down. A brand or their agency would develop an idea for what was then labelled a ‘live brand experience’, produce the physical elements needed, hire a team of temp ‘promo staff’ and off they went.

Today, the world of ‘experiential’ is a finely tuned loop of creativity, a circle of experience and insight, disciplined in measurement, training, reporting and learning.

For 12 years now Kru Live has been a leading UK live engagement agency, supporting most of the UK top 100 creative agencies in developing and implementing award winning branded events. Our internal team works closely with our agency or brand client throughout the process using their years of experience to help them bring to life their ideas through specialist staffing, immersive entertainment and live event implementation.

Much of this insight comes from the hands-on experience gained through working on events themselves but also from the reporting and measurement that is continuously carried out by our team of over 3,000 nationwide event managers and brand ambassadors; many of these being creative themselves – performers, actors and musicians adding the vital element of ‘theatre’ that is so important in engaging ones’ customers in today’s live events.

State of the art technology enables live reporting and feedback allowing us and our clients to develop activity in real time, tweaking and improving to ensure the best possible results. Having an intricate understanding of the brands’ messaging and objectives at all levels through thorough briefing processes means a seamless loop of creativity that constantly evolves and improves campaign to campaign.

Partnering with The Creative ShootOut makes perfect sense to us – we have always understood the need to be fast to respond to client needs and the process for this event demonstrates exactly that – creativity under pressure and we are very excited to be a part of it. Good luck to all those who are entered!